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Dry Cleaning at your fingertips.
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We provide high quality dry cleaning, ironing and shoe shining services from top-notch facilities, and take special requests so you can look and feel your best.

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We deliver your clothes in 24 hours. You can track your order's status through application notifications.

Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Shoe Care Price List

Minimum Order is 25TL.

Dry Cleaning

  • Blouse 13,90TL
  • Shirt 9,90TL
  • Sweater 12,90TL
  • Pants 10,90TL
  • Skirts 12,90TL
  • Dress 24,90TL
  • Evening Gown 54,90TL
  • Tshirt 9,90TL
  • Cardigan 13,90TL
  • Shorts 8,90TL
  • Vest 9,90TL
  • Pijamas 11,90TL
  • Rain Coat 24,90TL
  • Goose Down Coat 54,90TL
  • Jeans 13,90TL
  • Tuxedo 39,90TL
  • Suit (2 Pcs) 27,90TL
  • Jacket (Classic) 16,90TL
  • Two Piece Suit 24,90TL
  • Coat 28,90TL
  • Top Coat 28,90TL
  • Necktie 6,90TL
  • Underwear 4,90TL
  • Socks 4,90TL
  • Scarf 8,90TL
  • Gloves 5,90TL
  • Curtains (m2) 15,90TL
  • Sheer Curtains (m2) 9,90TL
  • Bedspread 49,90TL
  • Blanket 24,90TL
  • Fibre Pillow 19,90TL
  • Feather Pillow 39,90TL
  • Comforter 29,90TL
  • Feather Comforter 44,90TL


  • 0 - 4 kg 26.90TL
  • Per kg above 4 kg 5.9TL


  • Blouse 3.9TL
  • Shirt 3.9TL
  • Sweater 4.9TL
  • Pants 3.9TL
  • Skirt 5.9TL
  • Pleated Skirt 5.9TL
  • Dress 7.9TL
  • Tshirt 3.9TL
  • Cardigan 6.9TL
  • Shorts 3.5TL
  • Suit ( 2 pcs) 14.9TL
  • Jacket 16.9TL
  • Coat 10.9TL
  • Top Coat 14.5TL
  • Curtains (m2) 7.9 TL
  • Sheer Curtains (m2) 7.9TL
  • Bedspread 18.9TL
  • Romper 9.9TL
  • Evening Gown 24.9TL
  • Sweatshirt 5.9TL
  • Duvet Cover Set 14.9TL
  • Pillow Case 3.9TL
  • Sheet 14.9TL

Shoe Care

  • Leather Shoe Care 14.9TL
  • Leather Boot Care 19.9TL
  • Leather Long Boot Care 24.9TL
  • Suede Shoe Care 34.9TL
  • Suede Boot Care 39.9TL
  • Suede Long Boot Care 44.9TL
  • Nubuck Shoe Care 34.9TL
  • Nubuck Boot Care 39.9TL
  • Nubuck Long Boot Care 44.9TL
  • Sneakers 39.9TL
  • Adidas Stan Smith 39.9TL
  • Nike Air Max 39.9TL
  • Alexander McQueen (Sneaker) 44.9TL

Dry Cleaning at your fingertips

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